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Crypto OS

Simplify Your Crypto Journey.

Stop Guessing, Start Growing: Master Crypto Trading with Our Unmatched Suite of Tools and Insights.

Crypto OS provides free, data-backed trade signals and tons of additional free features. Dive in now!

Crypto OS simplifies trading for beginners and seasoned traders, ensuring confident trades with minimal manual effort.

Integrated With The World's Leading Exchanges


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The Only Crypto App You Need!

Crypto OS Platform

Trade Smarter. Not Harder.
Enhance Your Trading Approach With Strategic Intelligence, Prioritizing Efficiency Over Unnecessary Effort – Trade Smarter, Not Harder For Lasting Success In The Market.

Trading Signals & Alerts

Navigate the crypto landscape faster than ever. With automated scans of 200 tokens, Crypto OS puts market insights within seconds of your reach.

Backtest Brilliance

Refine your strategy with automated backtesting. Validate your trading ideas and enhance your success rate with historical data analysis at your fingertips.

Trading Bots

Make use of the the market’s most sophisticated tradings bots — integrated with Binance, MEXC, and Bybit.

AI Forecasts

Discover sophisticated AI forecasts for more than 200 crypto tokens — adding an additional layer of certainty to your trades.

And so much more!

Support & Resistance Alerts, Email Notifications, Crypto Screener,…the list of features is endless. And we keep adding new features constantly.

Discover highly reliable, data-backed trade signals — for free.

Crypto OS comes free of charge. No hidden costs, no fees.

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