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My Approach To Finding Crypto MACD Crossovers >99% Faster!

750! That was the result I calculated in the early days of 2018. The results represented the required seconds I would need to check my favorite crypto tokens and chart timeframes for MACD crossovers: 750 seconds or 12.5 minutes.

In this blog post, I will explain how I arrived at that result. More importantly, I will give you the exact blueprint for identifying MACD crossover for more than 200 crypto tokens in less than 5 seconds.

But let’s get back to my calculation first. When I started trading, the MACD was one of the first indicators I encountered. I liked the simple setup, the clear signals, and, ultimately, the potential results. However, I was quickly confronted with one big challenge: How can I find crypto tokens that have flashed a MACD crossover?

My first idea was TradingView. I opened a chart, added the MACD indicator…and realized that I had to monitor the chart constantly. At that time, this was the only approach I could imagine to spot a MACD crossover.

At that time, I had a list of 50 crypto tokens I wanted to trade (totally crazy, I know—but hey, I was a beginner). I also wanted to trade the 15M, 1H, and daily charts (yes, crazy again, but you know…).

So I calculated: If I need 5 seconds to check on crypto tokens in one timeframe, I’d require 750 seconds to check all of them on all timeframes (5 x 50 x 3).

Uf, that’s a lot of effort. Since I would have to do it more than once per day, I would easily spend a couple of hours just checking the MACD.

Nevertheless, I gave it a try. And boy, I showed endurance. I checked all 50 crypto tokens every hour for at least…2 days 🙂

Automating MACD Crossover Detection

After two days, it was evident that this was not the way to go. I made up my mind and thought about alternative solutions. I checked some tools and data providers. It didn’t take long, and I had an idea: Why not develop a small tool that automatically checks crypto tokens for MACD crossovers?

What I didn’t know then was that it was the birth of something much bigger.

Crypto OS — Get MACD Crossover Signals for More Than 200 Tokens

My humble start with a MACD crossover detection has grown into Crypto OS — a tool that provides crypto traders with everything they need. However, MACD crossover detection is still a crucial part of the platform.

Here’s How You Get MACD Crossover Alerts For Over 200 Crypto Tokens In Less Than 5 Seconds

Here’s the straightforward approach to getting MACD crossover alerts for over 200 crypto tokens.

Step 1: Go to Crypto OS

Step 2: Select the Trading Signal feature

Crypto MACD CRossover Baisc

Step 3: Select MACD as a signal

Crypto MACD Crossover Search

Step 4: Select your desired chart timeframe

Step 5: Click Search


CryptoMACD Crossover Results

Within a few seconds, you get all crypto tokens recently flashed a MACD crossover.

Using my traditional approach, it would take almost an hour to go through all these tokens (200 crypto tokens x 5 seconds x 3 timeframes = 3,000 seconds = 50 minutes).

Using Crypto OS, you can cut down the duration by 99%.

Enriched MACD Information For Better Trading Results

And here’s the cool part: The results you get with Crypto OS provide additional, valuable information.

  • Potential: We calculate the profit potential for every MACD signal based on support or resistance levels. You can easily filter out signals that don’t fit your strategy.
  • Backtest Information: We also add backtest information for each signal/token. Without doing anything, you get detailed information about the signal’s past reliability.
  • CEX Integration: Finally, you can use the exchange integration to open a trade for a signal directly.

Don’t Waste Precious Time on tedious Tasks!

Since the foundation of Crypto OS, I have been on a mission to eliminate tedious and time-consuming tasks from the trading process. Automated signal detection has been one of the game-changers in this field.

Stop wasting your time in front of charts! Outsource monotonous tasks and concentrate on strategy and creative tasks.

Want to give it a try? Here’s the link to Crypto OS!

Ben Walther
Ben Walther

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