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How To Effortlessly Get High-Quality, Data-Based Trade Signals (Win Rate >75%)

80% of trading success is a proper trade signal. Well-defined trade signals are the final result of a trading strategy.

However, especially new traders struggle to define and find proper trade signals.

So, here’s the good news: This post will provide a step-by-step process for obtaining high-quality, data-backed trade signals.

Moreover, you will learn how to get trade signals for more than 200 crypto tokens effortlessly. And effortlessly means ZERO effort. All you need to invest are 1-2 minutes for the initial setup — that’s it.

Ready to dive in? Let’s go!

What Are High-Quality Trade Signals

I guess there are hundreds of definitions for high-quality trade signals—definitions based on data, experience, or documented results.

Therefore, while everyone probably has their own definition, here’s mine. I am a data guy. So, for me, it is just logical that high-quality trade signals are backed by data. That means there has to be data that shows that the trade signal has worked reliably in the past.

In other words, I consider a trade signal of high quality if backtests show a high win rate based on many signals.

Of course, backtesting isn’t everything. On the contrary, there are many other aspects to consider when creating a trading strategy. Nevertheless, if you find a trade signal demonstrating a 90% win rate based on 100 signals, you have achieved 80% of your trading success.

The Easiest Way To Find High-Quality Trade Signals In Just A Few Minutes

Since I am obsessed with backtesting results, I was eager to add a feature to Crypto OS that does exactly this: Make high-quality (aka high win rate) signals available in the most convenient way.

If you navigate to Backtest Signals, you will get access to a sea of high-quality signals.

Crypto OS — High Quality Trade Signals Menu

Here’s what you’ll find: We continuously scan over 200 crypto tokens in the background for various trade signals. Once we identify a signal, we process a backtest to calculate the win rate of this specific signal for the particular token on the exact timeframe (e.g., MACD Crossover for BTC on the 1H Chart).

Crypto OS — High Quality Trade UI

Now, with the backtest signals feature, we only list signals with a win rate of over 75%.

Filter Your Preferred Trade Signals

As a result, there are days when you won’t find any signal in this feature because we didn’t classify any signal as reliable enough.

However, if signals are available, you can continue and easily sort them according to various aspects, such as the highest success rate or most signals.

The best approach is to find signals with the highest possible success rate that are based on a large number of historical signals simultaneously.

The entire process of checking the signals usually doesn’t take longer than a few minutes.

Expert Tip: Reduce the effort to almost 0

The above approach reflects a super efficient way to find high-quality trade signals. However, you can do it even more efficiently. You can see an alarm bell icon at the bottom right of the screen.

By clicking it, you can select 1H and 1D.

By saving these preferences, you will get notified by email whenever we detect a high-quality trade signal.

That means you can relax, enjoy life, and rest assured that you’ll be notified whenever an interesting signal occurs.

Can it get any better (well, yes, but this is a story for another blog post)?

Want to get started with Crypto Trading?

If you made the decision and want to get started with crypto trading, you can check out Crypto OS.

It’s the platform I’ve developed based on all my mistakes.

It contains data-driven trade signals, backtest data, AI forecasts, trading bots, etc. Try it for free!

Ben Walther
Ben Walther

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