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Slow is smooth, and smooth is fast — 5 Facts Why I love “slow trading”

Slow is smooth, and smooth is fast!

A quote I recently read.

And I must admit that I rarely read a sentence that fits better in the world of crypto trading.

Everyone thinks the crypto market moves super fast, and they have to act at the same pace.

I believe the opposite is true.

I would even go that far and call myself an advocate of slow trading. Sounds boring?

Here are 5 reasons I think “slow trading” is the best approach to trading cryptos.

Slow Trading CRypto

1 – Trading Higher Timeframes Increases Success Rates (Massively)

When I started trading cryptos, I wanted to make the most out of it.

It seemed logical to go down to the lowest timeframes.

My quotation looked like this: Lower timeframes = more opportunities = more gains.

I even tried the 1-minute chart (you really don’t have to make this mistake).

However, it took me a while to discover that more trades don’t equal more gains.

Well, the opposite is true.

Today, I am solely trading the daily chart. Indeed, the amount of trades is much lower.

On the other side, my success rate skyrocketed.

2 – Slow trading: Building strategy & skills takes time

I see people rushing into crypto trading like there’s no tomorrow. Often blinded by success stories they read on X or other social media platforms.

The result is comparable to someone who gets in the ring against the world heavyweight box champion without practicing for a second. It won’t end well.

Always remember, similar to the heavyweight champion, the (crypto) market doesn’t allow weaknesses.

That’s why you need to be prepared as well as you can. This takes time.

Time to learn, build skills, understand, and test.

Most importantly, it is time to build a strategy that allows you to survive against the heavyweight champion.

Always have a strategy before you get in the ring!

3 – Trading is a game of waiting

In the trading world, a slower approach is often key to successful execution.

This goes against the common perception that trading is all about rapid decisions and quick turnover.

In reality, there are times when the best course of action is not to trade for days, weeks, or even months.

The ability to exercise this level of restraint and patience is a crucial skill every trader should have in their arsenal.

While this approach may seem straightforward on the surface, implementing it is far from simple. Resisting the urge to engage in constant trading requires high discipline and emotional control.

4 – Slow trading reduces stress and emotions

When I tried to trade the 1 or 5-minute charts, I faced stress constantly.

It was horrible. A constant pressure.

And stress grows exponentially when your trades start to fail.

I’ve never experienced something similar when trading the daily chart. Once you’ve set up your strategy, the whole process becomes smooth.

Slow trading means stressless trading!

5 – Leverage kills smoothness

Why do people (me included) use margin trading? Because they want to accelerate the process. It feels like a shortcut to success.

Usually, the exact opposite is the case. Leverage means pressure, wrong decisions, and failed trades. Ultimately, you don’t go faster at all.

Again, trading without leverage might seem slower. However, it is much smoother in the end. And from experience, I can tell you that smooth means fast.

The Key to Slow Trading

If you want to start trading smoothly, check out Crypto OS. It’s the platform I developed based on all my mistakes. It contains data-driven trade signals, backtest data, AI forecasts, trading bots, and more. Try it for free!

Ben Walther
Ben Walther

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