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The Easiest Way To Increase Your Crypto Trading Efficiency By >90%

I felt like the master of the universe when I started trading. I was obsessed with charts, so I put three screens on my desk and created a highly sophisticated chart setup.

I sat there for countless hours and watched the charts. Today, this feels completely stupid. However, at that time, it felt good.

It was in 2018, and trading was pretty new to me. I tested my first strategies and gained some first-hand experience.

But all of a sudden, my wife destroyed this “cozy” setup. She wanted to go on holiday. Ridiculous, isn’t it? I mean, I was on my way to becoming the most successful trader in the world (or at least a chart watcher), and she wants to go on holiday? Nope, that’s not possible.

Well, everyone who’s married or in a relationship might know how this ended. 24 hours later, we had booked a trip, and we (or at least she) were ready to start our vacation in two weeks.

I remember lying in bed that night and continuously thinking about one thing: How could I find a way to continue trading without sitting in front of my screens 24/7? And just as a side note, I know how crazy this sounds, but I was obsessed with trading at that time, so this was logical at that point.

Automated Trade Signal Detection Wasn’t Sufficient

After a while, one thing that popped into my mind was the automation of trade signal detection. However, this was not enough because I would still have to sit in front of my screens or at least my laptop to check for the automated signals.

But hey, what if I add just a slight enhancement? A notification or email service. This service can alert me whenever an important signal has appeared, so I won’t have to watch the charts anymore.

Until our vacation, I coded the first version of a tool that could identify certain trade signals and send emails if certain criteria were met.

Email Trade Signals — The Most Convenient Feature Of Crypto OS

Many things have changed since 2018. However, it was one of the first moments when I realized that trading isn’t about watching charts and performing tedious tasks. On the contrary, automating these tasks often provides better results while cutting down efforts MASSIVELY.

Today, Crypto OS calculates more than 15 different trade signals. Some are based on only 2-3 technical indicators, and some are highly sophisticated. More importantly, the trade signals are constantly calculated for more than 200 crypto tokens.

Plus, Crypto OS users can easily select tokens and receive an email (or push notification) whenever an alert occurs.

A Different Way of Trading

Based on the above features, traders establish an entirely different trading style. This approach allows them to focus on creating strategies and education instead of chart-watching.

At the same time, they can have this calming feeling of knowing they don’t miss an opportunity.

Imagine, this simple feature lets you:

  • Cut down efforts massively
  • Spend more time building your strategy and educating yourself
  • It provides you with more trade signals than you could ever find manually
  • Let you spend more time with your friends and family — while never missing a trade.
Crypto Trade Signal Email Alert

My Experience With Email Trade Signals

Although I completed the feature development before the vacation started, I decided (maybe someone pushed me slightly) to leave my laptop home. Instead, I enjoyed our vacation, which was one of our most epic trips.

Nevertheless, afterward, I started using email trade signals heavily and increasingly understood the level of freedom and certainty they provide.

Want to give it a try? Here’s the link to Crypto OS!

PS: Your wife will thank you!

Ben Walther
Ben Walther

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