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Why Emotions Killed My Crypto Trading Strategy (And How I Resurrected)

Emotions are silent killers.

When it comes to crypto trading, emotions mess up everything. I know it sounds harsh, but it’s the naked truth.

Emotions overwhelm you, play with you, and finally make you do things you would never do rationally.

Emotions fuck it up. Always.

Eliminating emotions from my crypto trading approach has been one of the biggest game changers for me, but it was also one of the toughest challenges.

How Emotions Influenced My Crypto Trading (And Messed It Up)

And I can tell you I had to learn it the hard way because this is how I did “emotional crypto trading” when I started.

  • I entered trades I shouldn’t enter because I didn’t want to miss gains.
  • I opened trades because I “had the feeling” that this token would pump soon.
  • I sometimes started a trade because I felt bored from watching the charts. My emotions asked for action!
  • And then, of course, I didn’t take profits because I became greedy.
  • I lowered my stop loss for open trade because I was soooo sure the token would rebound (of course, it never did).

I can continue the list for hours, but I think you get the point.

Everything I did was based on emotions and gut feelings.

And it got even worse: No matter how hard I tried to change my crypto trading behavior, it didn’t work.

In the end, emotions always overwhelmed me again, and I ended up with sub-optimal decisions.

Trading was a game of luck and a playball of emotions.

Data, Strategy & Automation — How I Solved This Challenge

Here’s how I solved my problem 👇

At one point, I understood: Without a proper strategy backed by solid data, emotions will always take over at some point and mess up my crypto trading strategy.

So, ultimately, the key to eliminating emotions for me was to change two fundamental aspects:

  • First of all, I re-defined my trading process radically. I started shifting my attention and working on higher levels. I created strategies, educated myself, tested, etc. Watching charts was absolutely prohibited.
  • On top of that, I started automating as many tasks as possible that could trigger emotions.

Here are some more details to make the approach more tangible:

  • I created trading strategies with a clear structure and solely relied on data (Today, data is THE core element in each of my strategies).
  • I automated trading signals so I don’t get stuck in charts and trade out of boredom.
  • I automated the entire order execution. I even deleted the trading app on my mobile, so I can’t change the settings.
  • I automated backtestings.

Something Interesting Happened!

After initiating this massive change, a few things happened super quickly.

Logically, my trade results improved instantly. However, and more importantly, the trading process felt different (yep, emotions are back, but this time, totally different).

The new approach led to certainty (everything was data-backed instead of backed by emotions). Ultimately, it became an entirely new level of stress-free trading.

That means by replacing a trading approach driven by emotions with a data-backed approach, I was able to create new (positive) emotions, such as certainty and relaxation when trading. This was priceless.

Want To Remove Emotions From Your Crypto Trading?

If you want to replace emotions with data-driven strategies, you can check out Crypto OS.

It’s the platform I developed based on all my mistakes.

It contains data-driven trade signals, backtest data, AI forecasts, trading bots, and more. Give it a try for free!

Ben Walther
Ben Walther

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