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Decide to be a Crypto Trader! Not just want it!

One of the biggest lessons I learned is the difference between wanting and deciding.

So, in my (and probably your) case, the difference between “I want to be a crypto trader” and “I decide to be a crypto trader.”

This probably sounds confusing. Or you may ask yourself, what is he trying to tell me? It’s just a subtle difference between the two.

So, let me explain.

The Difference Between “Want To Be A Crypto Trader” and “Decide To Be A Crypto Trader”

I first got in touch with the idea when reading Scott Adams book Reframe Your Brain (a fantastic book, by the way. You should really check it out).

One of the ideas that really hooked me was the difference between wanting and deciding.

It hooked me because it related to my crypto trading journey. It felt like I had found the root cause of why I hadn’t been successful (yet).

Here’s the essence of the idea:

Adams bluntly describes that…

  • …if you want something, chances are much higher that you’ll fail – regardless of your effort.
  • …if you decide to do something, it’s a totally different story. Most importantly, it boosts the chances of success.

I looked at my life retrospectively and tried to analyze: How often did I achieve things I just wanted? Actually, not that often.

How often did I achieve a goal where I wholeheartedly decided to do it? Actually always.

Reframing to “I decide to become a successful crypto trader” changes everything.

So, instead of “I want to become a trader,” I had to reframe myself to “I decided to become a successful crypto trader.”

A small adjustment that changes everything:

  • I acted differently
  • Thought differently
  • Behaved differently
  • Put in more work
  • Felt differently

Why? Because I made a decision. Becoming a crypto trader was no longer a vague idea/dream/goal.

However, one more thing makes this concept slightly more complex.

It isn’t always easy to make a decision. In fact, it took me almost a year to finally decide.

So, you have to ask yourself: Is your desire a want or a decision?

Scott Adams’ answer to this is simple: if you are unsure, you haven’t decided yet.

And that’s exactly why “wants” fail so often: You are uncertain and haven’t decided yet.

Have you decided to become a crypto trader? Here’s what to do next!

If you made the decision and want to get started with crypto trading, you can check out Crypto OS. It’s the platform I developed based on all the mistakes I made.

It contains data-driven trade signals, backtest data, AI forecasts, trading bots, and so much. Try it for free!

Ben Walther
Ben Walther

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