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7 Essential Crypto Trading Templates

Structure is essential in building anything that thrives.

Many traders have questions about how to build a structured trading approach.

From my POV, documentation is the key to building a structured trading process.

It‘s like the first and most crucial step.

With this post, I want to introduce seven templates I use to structure my crypto trading. Plus, I will provide a link to each template so you can steal my work and kickstart your crypto trading approach.

7 Essential Crypto Trading Templates To Structure Your Approach

Alright, here are seven templates I built that have helped me to structure my trading approach.

I will add the download links below. Feel free to grab them for free.

1 – Crypto Trading Journal

The core of my trading documentation strategy is tracking every detail of my trades, which has significantly improved my success rates.

If I had to pick just one of the templates, I would definitely choose the trading journal. It helps you understand your decisions massively and collects tons of data.

Copy my Crypto Trading Journal

2 – Risk Strategy Blueprint

A template I‘ve built to assess the risk of a trade. It represents a special part of my trading checklist (see below).

Prior to trade execution, I go through the Risk Strategy Blueprint and do a thorough assessment.

Copy my Risk Strategy Blueprint

3 – Performance Review Template

This is a more high-level template I use to assess my trading performance monthly, quarterly, and annually.

It aggregates many indicators from other templates to give you the big picture. Accordingly, you don’t need the template for your day-to-day operations. However, it represents an essential pillar for strategic decisions.

Copy my Performance Review Template

4 – Emotional Journal

Managing your emotions is one of the biggest challenges when trading.

The Emotional Journal helps to document and subsequently to understand your emotions. Based on the data, you can derive findings and ultimately implement measures to avoid certain emotions.

Copy my Emotional Journal Template

5 – Financial Goal Planning

The Financial Goal Planning is like my master template.

I document the high-level goals. Based on the goals, I can derive many requirements for my day-to-day trading operations.

Copy my Financial Goal Planning Template

6 – Trade Setup Checklist

This one is pure operations. Over time, I’ve built a sophisticated checklist that I go through before I execute a trade.

It contains aspects such as Entry and Exit points, trade strategy, psychological state, risk management, and many more.

Using this checklist has helped me improve my trading results.

Copy my Trade Setup Checklist

7 – Portfolio Monitor

Finally, I use the Portfolio Monitor to track my long-term holdings.

This template isn’t directly linked to trading. However, I also found having a crystal-clear overview of my assets helpful.

Copy my Portfolio Monitor Template

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Ben Walther
Ben Walther

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